Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bringing a few items out of the collection...

I collect constantly. Not as much art as I'd like. Mostly websites. Emails. Exhibition pamphlets. Images. Books. Birds' nests. Ideas. Part-time jobs. Everything is currently in a big pile. Well, stuff is filed away and gives the appearance of being somewhat organized. But it's all just collected together and stuck. Not properly sorted and cross-catalogued for quick reference. Not mobile enough in my mental and physical space to be shared coherently, intelligently. Maybe it is more accurate to say that I consume.

I had promised to share further references to explore ideas about "the commons". I even dared to brag that I would critique my own interpretations of the works in my latest exhibition, Meet us on the commons. Oh, it's all been collected and some notes are scratched out. It's just stuck right now. What I'm not good at collecting is the time to do all this, the fearlessness of imperfection to just put it out there. But Internet, if you're listening, just know that it is in the works. I do want to share my collection. Let it go, piece by piece. Starting with these little balloon videos I made last month, and hope to continue making as long as I keep finding balloons on my travels.

And while we're at it, here are a few other things of note that I've been meaning to share:

The Three Tongues is a free knowledge exchange project that I co-curate with the exquisite Stacey Sproule, whose performance, installation and video art has been shown at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, FADO, Forest City Gallery, 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, and Xpace, amongst others. The Three Tongues revolves mainly around our blog, where you can find more information about accessing information and education for free, and skill swaps that we host in free public spaces. For these swaps, we invite three people to teach a skill they are intimately acquainted with - something they practice in everyday life - and that is fairly easily to pass on, without the need for many extra materials or equipment. One person teaches a skill related to Truth, another to Beauty, and another to Chance. After teaching a group a skill, the "students" then break off and partner up with each other, and exchange the skills they have just learned by teaching them to each other. This continues until everyone has learned all three skills. I am excited to be speaking more about this project at the Art Gallery of Windsor for Broken City Lab's Homework conference, where artists will be sharing their thoughts and experiences with infrastructure and collaboration in social practices, as they relate to education, cities and space, artist run culture and more. If you're not heading to Windsor this weekend, you can catch it all on Livestream.

Also happening now is Between Cellar and Attic at Xpace, until November 5. In this exhibition, Ryan Lord, Genevieve Robertson and Paola Savasta investigate relationships to domestic spaces and the objects contained therein. I wrote poetry to accompany the works in the show, which I'll post at a later date.

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