Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet us on the commons keeps on

Ever feel like you're being taunted by the regulatory signs that dominate public space? Like they are daring you to challenge their authority by acting in opposition to the rules they declare? I noticed these Keep Out stencils beside the ridiculous blue non-swimming pools when I was over on the Toronto Island a few weeks ago...While I have to admit that I obeyed this teensy bit of spray paint on the ground, the attention it drew to the pool invited me to consider the possibility of going in, a thought I might not have otherwise had if the sign wasn't there. What would move you to act on such an impulse?

Until September 11, I'll be blogging about Meet us on the commons over on the Art Gallery of Mississauga's website...

Posts will include alternative perspectives on works in the show (including critiques of my previous interpretations, gasp!), musings on taking action for the public's right to public space, profiles of related artist and curatorial projects, troubleshooting public art projects and events, and responses to questions and comments from anyone that feels like speaking up.

To share your thoughts on the exhibition and participate in the discussion, email: agmcommons [at] gmail [dot] com

And as much as I can, I'll try to post updates about my other projects in the works and continue to share them here.

Until then, keep on, friends!


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