Friday, September 25, 2015

Emily DiCarlo: Between You and Me

Here's the Curators' Network Canada project I've been teasing in previous posts:

I always swear off doing a Nuit Blanche project and yet here it is - the third one in as many years. Working with Emily DiCarlo has been a privilege and an inspiration. She is a gifted artist/curator creating work that has a subtle but compelling intelligence, work that deserves more recognition at home than it currently receives. She is so driven and productive with her practice (even if it means managing multiple exhibition projects at once, organizing festivals, and being part of a collective while working the old 9 to 5) that watching her has made me start kicking my ass to get my own work done. 

It was well worth the effort to be part of Nuit Blanche again this year. I am really looking forward to this show. 

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