Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mis[place]d @ Xpace

Detail of The Great Auks by Tania Sanhueza

Main gallery 
Views of a Secret by Samuel Choisy
Shooting the Mass Murder by Christina Knox
Red Fox, Green Weasel and Sniffing Boar by Ashley Andrews
Detail of Crocodile Tears (Crying Cat) by Laura Paolini
More Main Gallery 
Installation by Valerie Sabaliauskas
Detail of How I Lost My Virginity by Ian MacTilstra
Detail of The Summons Series by Colleen Collins
The Great Auks by Tania Sanhueza
XBase with Legends of Chincoteague by Aidan Dahlin Nolan, Kelsey and Meghan Speakman
Farewell to Beasts by Renee Nault
I don't mind the sight of you and Yeti by Hannah Myall
The Plagues by Stephanie Vegh
Detail of The Plagues by Stephanie Vegh
Making Bunnies by Stephanie Kervin and Sylvana D'Angelo

Photographs by Samuel Choisy, Elizabeth Underhill, and Casey Wong.
Mis[place]d was on view at Xpace from January 9-31 2009. For more information contact

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